Open 2:00 p.m. – 8:00 p.m. Tuesdays and Wednesdays.

Moravians tend to be mission oriented people. We have more churches in the global south than the north now.

Moravians also love food and fellowship. In 1727  after a good worship service, conversation between those who had been in disagreement happened. In order to keep the discussion going food was brought in and the Moravian Lovefeast was born.  We still gather for lovefeasts, potlucks and many other ways of enjoying fellowship and food.

As we searched for where God was leading the idea of a café in the basement arose.  We have two people with ServeSafe Certificates (most cooks in restaurants and such are required to have them) and one of them really enjoys cooking for others.  We have a few volunteers to help and so we began planning.

Our desire is to bring the community together with good food and a welcoming atmosphere.

Once we are operating in the black our goal is to train up groups of people who can go into disaster areas to help in various ways.  We also hope that eventually we will be sending people overseas to help, learn, and grow.

We serve Hemisphere Roasters coffee, Teavanna teas, sandwiches (i.e. Cuban, Muffaleta, Bacon Lettuce tomato with cheese), soups (chili, tomato, borscht), french fries (plain, chili, or poutine), muffins (chocolate chip, apple streusel), and desserts