If you have never heard of Moravians or the Moravian Church you are not alone. The Moravian Church is a mainline protestant denomination with a rich history and an ecumenical spirit. For over five centuries the Moravian Church has proclaimed the gospel in all parts of the world. Officially known as the Unitas Fratrum, The Moravian Church has been in existence since its foundation by the followers of John Hus in 1457, almost 60 years before Martin Luther. Moravians were the first European settlers in Ohio and today we are in “full communion” with the Lutheran (ELCA) and Episcopal churches and share a “covenant agreement” with the Presbyterian Church (USA).

When are your services?

Our worship is at 10:30 am on Sunday Morning. We have a large parking area and our building is handicap accessible.

What Are Your Services Like?

Although the Moravian name may sound strange our worship services may seem very familiar. We offer a mostly traditional service with a sermon that is relatable and easily understood. We are not afraid to use a little quirkiness or humor to drive a message home. Hymns are an eclectic mix of both modern and traditional. You can follow the order of worship in the bulletin so you know where we are. Many of the hymns we sing on Sunday can be heard at other churches. We have an amazing pianist, a small choir and occasionally an additional instrument or two. Moravians have a rich history of brass instruments that is at times woven into our Sunday worship.

What Should I Wear? (Come as you are)

At The Church of the Redeemer we have a very casual atmosphere and it is not uncommon to see members in jeans although you will see those who choose to dress formally. However, you choose to dress you will be greeted warmly once you arrive. You’ll find yourself caught up in the moment.

What about my Children?

We have a nursery with toys, books etc. available for little children who become restless during the service. We have a group of trained volunteers that supervise. We also offer a Children’s Message early on in the service so the little ones can choose to come forward and be presented with a message just for them.

Is there anything else I should know?

We offer free coffee and cookies after the worship service and many members will take the time after worship to visit with each other, often the Pastor may introduce herself to visitors during this time. Communion is celebrated monthly and is open to all Christians, regardless of denomination. Occasionally, we will celebrate a Moravian “Love Feast” which is best described as a small snack of bread and juice that is served during worship on special occasions (Christmas, Church Anniversary etc.) this is not considered a Sacrament and is open to all visitors.

What other questions do you have?