Christmas Celebrations

Merry Christmas.

Rain to blue skies, what a way to begin Christmas.  I guess it’s actually closer to the type of weather that would have been around when Jesus was born.

Tonight we celebrate Jesus birth through a wonderful Moravian tradition – lovefeast and candlelight.  The Moravian tradition is rich with music and symbolism.  I have not missed a Christmas eve service in almost 30 years.  This year we will have music shared between many instruments: piano, flute, french horn, sax and a brass quartet from Scioto Brass.  I am so looking forward to all the different sounds which will accompany our singing.

Our offering this year will go to Moravian Open Door in New York City (they help the homeless men get back on their feet) and the Brethren church’s food pantry.

If you are welcome to come and join us at 7:30 p.m. and sing some of those wonderful Christmas songs about Jesus.  Worship will be a wonderful expression of God with us today and everyday.  See you here.

Pastor Trina