Lenten Blessings to All

Lent has begun.  That time of reflection, possible change and hopefully seeking to be about God’s work instead of our own.  Most people make New Years Resolutions but I think for Christians Lent is the season for resolutions.  To reflect where we have put ourselves, needs and wants above others.  Where has our Christianity slipped in the past year, where have we grown.  Who is God calling me to be?  Am I getting closer.  Yes God loves us as we are but Jesus came to show us how we can be.

Redeemer’s watchword for 2016 is “David said to his son Solomon, ‘The Lord God is with you. He will not fail you or forsake you, until all the work for the service of the house of the Lord is finished.’” 1 Chronicles 28:20.  There was a job to be done and God would see it through to the end.  Solomon was building the temple that his father David had desired to create, and God assured David that it would be finished in Solomon’s day.

What is the work that the Lord has for Church of the Redeemer Moravian?  Where are we called to go?  Are we following the path?  Those are questions we need to ask once in a while otherwise we will go off on our own and try and accomplish what we are not called to do.  My prayer as we venture through Lent is to spend time listening to God and hearing what we are called to accomplish.  Then we will either continue or we will modify our path so that what we are building is what we are called to build.

May we all take time this Lenten season to be sure we are following the path God has set out for us and if we find we have wandered may we have the courage to correct our trajectory.

Lenten blessings to all.

Pastor Trina

Lent Begins

Join us each Sunday as we journey through Lent and think about salvation and following Jesus.

Palm Sunday is March 20 – come and wave the palms as we celebrate the Messiahs entrance into Jerusalem.

Spend time during the week reading about Jesus last days before his crucifixion.

Maundy Thursday service imitates Jesus last supper and the institution of Holy Communion.

Good Friday walks through Jesus’ last hours – host church TBA

Sunrise service begins at 6:30 with members from Scioto Brass supplying the music. We begin inside in the dim light and finish outside as the sun rises.

There is a breakfast that follows the service.

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